Padded Headboards are here to stay!

Question: Every magazine I read shows a padded headboard. Is this a still a trend?

Answer: Padded headboards have been around for a long time and are here to stay.  They are a classic. Periodically they do surge ahead of the game and appear to become more prominent, as has been the case these last several years. Padded headboards add softness to a room that otherwise can become quite ‘woody’ in nature due to its mere room furniture requirements – bed, dresser, night tables, chests, etc.  Add wood floors and you now have basically an all wood room, which can be too much for many, myself included.  With the re-serge of the hardwood floor comes other changes to the home ‘needs’ – padded headboards, area rugs, even drapery where not really needed to bring the added softness and to mute the echo and noise.


A padded headboard can be a pretty silhouette, a gorgeous fabric, or provide needed intricate detail to a room.  Or, it can be a masculine look in leather and metal or wood trim.  Use a padded headboard when a room is begging for colour, pattern, or texture. I find they create an instant ‘wow’ or a required softness that every bedroom should (must!) possess.  Add the proper bedding treatment and your room can instantly be transformed into that magazine cover!


Although padded headboards truly are a classic, styles change over time.  The latest trend enjoys TALL – and the taller, the better.  Canopy beds that are padded on both the head and footboard are currently a really big deal, along with being absolutely stunning!


You can have tufted, channeled, blocked, fabric, leather, solid with no tufts, curved tops, straight tops, and nail heads. The beautiful thing about headboards is that they can be completely customized to to fit your home.  The styles and fabric selections are endless when you combine the options. Just to name a few…
– Vintage Headboards – great in floral, ticking, or linens that have a feed-sack look. Nail a piece of architectural salvage to the top of the upholstered headboard and it is extremely original with an antique flair.
– Bridge Tufted Headboards curve high above a bed (piled high with lux linens and pillows!). Always makes quite an elegant statement.
– Winged padded headboards are a great look – high and rounded provide strong focal points in any room
– Don’t just pad the headboard, but pad the entire bedframe as well – complete with matching padded side rails and low profile footboard.
– Add structure to a padded headboard with a solid wood frame rather than a padded frame.

– Or, better yet, combine the two with a padded head and footboard, trimmed in wood.  Very classy indeed.
– Monochromatic palettes are very chic, and can add pizzazz when detail is added. In this case, bring on the textures!

Isn’t it great to have so many choices?!  Now you need the designer to help you pull it all together.  That is where Jennings Furniture & Design enters the picture – because that’s what we do!

714_134_HB_Det_V.jpg  721_134_Det_HB.jpg

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