I am ready for Hygge

I am drawn to the Scandinavian concept of Hygge.

The idea of being content in life’s simple offerings, of creating a cozy space to enjoy family and friends, feeling connected to community, and being surrounded by a feeling of well-being.

Now, with the holidays behind me, I want to settle in and disconnect from the chaos, watch snow fall, light candles and simply “be”.

Hygge is defined by an atmosphere of appreciating the little things around you that make life better, without added stress or expense.  An informal get together with friends, a winter walk with hot chocolate and marshmallows to follow or the ease of an evening free with an excellent book.


All things warm, cozy, soft and plush are very Hygge and a wonderful way to embrace winters in Ontario.  Think; faux fur throws to cuddle up in, floor pillows for family game night, thick knitted socks (and mittens, and scarves, and hats.  Its Ontario after all), soft scented candles cast a warm glow and homemade turkey soup (so much turkey soup!)


I am more than ready to adopt an easier way of thinking and living.  To focus on enjoying all the simple blessing that surround me now.  I have a warm, comfortable home filled with the brilliance of a child’s smile.  I am blessed with good friends and wonderful family that fill my heart with love.  I cannot ask for more.


Happy new year to you and yours.  May you find joy in the simple things, peace in your surroundings and happiness in those nearest to your heart.

Happy Hygge.

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