In the Holiday Spirit

I have Christmas on the brain.  It is October.  I know. I am THAT person.

While everyone around me is in the throes of Pumpkin Spice nonsense, I am looking at cookie recipes, buying wrapping paper and planning decorations.

I feel like I am standing on a precipice, waiting in anticipation of frosted windows, cold noses , twinkling lights and happy hearts.

I can’t wait for soft, fleecy, flannel and warm.  Extra layers of texture, colour and shine exuding welcome and warmth for the holiday season makes me so happy.

This holiday season, Jennings is playing with traditional plaids, layering textures and wintry water colours.  Adding natural elements like peacock feathers, birch branches, birds nests and all things frosted or crystallized to our historic St. Thomas location, reflecting our love for the holiday season and creating a holiday feast for your eyes.

We will be ready for the St. Thomas Optimist Santa Claus parade on November 18th.  Come and check out our beautiful store, custom furniture and accessories and, of course, our gorgeous Christmas decor.

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