Trending Audobon Art

Wow! A simple word that describes so much – including stimulation overload!! Our recent excursion to High Point, North Carolina for the semi-annual furniture market was inspiring, motivating and tiring… In the course of 3 days I walked a total of almost 28 kms! Well worth the tired feet for all the new ideas and inspiration!

One of the new items that stood out for me was all the oversized groupings of art. In particular “audobon” style ornithological art prints. For those of you who don’t know – ornithology is the study of bird life, best depicted by the artist John James Audobon, hence the name. The style has a botanical, natural look to it, specifically majestic bird prints with herrings, cranes and like birds.

Now, for someone with quite a severe phobia of birds, I found these very calming and beautiful. Some were in vibrant colours of blues, others were neutral in their colourings. Since being back and going through my photos, I have realized that I am drawn to the prints that were illustrated in a watercolour format. The soft watery hues could most definitely fit in with the beach, cottage feel of a home, as well as, very elegant and sophisticated room in a more traditional, transitional home. The key to the beauty was that they were usually in pairs and quite large (some being 44″x50″), bringing your eye up and adding to the beauty and drama of the pieces. A pair of these art prints over your entry table or buffet/console table in the living or dining room with a tall lamp and simple accessories would make a big impact in a simple way to the overall feel of the room.

And of course we love the Jennings green in this particular photo!  Pulling the colour from the art and into the sofa added the extra ‘wow’ to this room.  Whether you like green, blue or pink, the options are endless when working with this form of art.   That’s what we do at Jennings!


“Audobon” style print over the chest.

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