Designing with Concrete

  • Mixing textures and mediums is all the rage these days. Utilizing items not for their intended purpose can add a sense of fun and whimsy to a space.  One of the most versatile materials being used lately is concrete…

We are seeing concrete in many more places then just the usual warehouse floors and construction sites. With a creative moulding process, you can manipulate concrete into almost anything. Plus you have endless finishing techniques that can be applied to ensure your piece has ‘the look’ you are going for. Some great examples of these finishing techniques include acid etched concrete floors. Using Hydrochloric acid, it reacts to the lime in the concrete and produces different hues and marbled designs. Sealing the concrete will protect it and give it the glossy finish you desire.

Concrete furniture has also gained popularity over the recent years. Coffee tables and even large dining tables with huge concrete slabs can help to give your space an industrial feel. Paired with raw metal legs, or perhaps a walnut stained wood leg for a mid-century feel.

Just by adding a few concrete pieces into your design, along with some other textures like leather, cast iron and even a grey-washed barn board, you can have the ‘industrial loft feel’ that everyone is after.

At Jennings, we have our own private custom concrete line, allowing us to design unique custom concrete pieces to suite your personal need and style.  We’ve made benches, console tables, bars, countertops, coffee and end tables, and of course dining tables for in-door and out.  Our imagination becomes the guide.  Call me to make an appointment and I can help design the perfect piece for your space.


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