The Magic of Colour

Colour can transform a room, whether it’s in small doses or bold strokes.  And, you don’t have to lift a brush to do it!  Vibrant window treatments, furnishings, and accessories are simple ways to add colour to your décor.  Be confident with colour in your space with smart tips and tricks.

First, take your colour temperature. Colours are either warm or cool, depending on their undertones. Figure out where you land. Do you gravitate towards warm and cozy or cool and modern? Let colouor breathe. The eye needs a place to rest. Embrace colour in your space without saturating it to bring about balance.

Make all important colour decisions IN your space where you will be living with the colour. It will look completely different at home than in a showroom. Take samples home and live with it for a full day and night to see it in the different light that reflects throughout your room. Lamp light will look different from daylight, etc.

A big bold painting brings serious flair and can instantly change the vibe of any space. Whether hung above a fireplace, sofa, or elsewhere in the room, a painting can create a focal point with impact and add both colour and dimension. Pick up a few of its colours in accessories, like pillows, to highlight the piece even more.

Love or hate them, plants and miniature trees are making a comeback – but not the trailing philodendron in a macramé holder. Plants and trees are being put into living spaces by designers not just as an afterthought but as an intentional part of the design – fiddle leaf figs, succulents, lemon trees, air plants, hibiscus amaryllis, orchids, etc. I love fresh flowers for a temporary pop of colour, whether seasonal or direct colour source.

Throw pillows are a simple way to add a splash of colour and comfort to any room. Mix and match patterns and solids to create a dynamic contrast. Combining colours that are direct opposites on the colour wheels intensifies their impact.

White plus colour is one of the coolest looks and it never gets old, partly because it is so versatile, partly because it’s good clean design. Take a white box of a room and layer in the colour via rugs, pillows, throws, lamps, artwork and other accessories. It’s easy to switch out when you’re ready for a whole new look.

Accent your room with furniture. Add a chair or ottoman in bold print to perk up a mellow layout. Take your time and find the pattern that you like best, holding up swatches against the walls and existing furniture. Look for a pattern that has colours used elsewhere in your room so that the new piece looks right at home.

Dress up the floor. A large, colourful patterned rug really anchors a room and makes it more vibrant. You can base a whole design on one gorgeous rug – clear out the space, add in the rug, and in that single move, you’ve added color, softness, and a palette to work from. Layer in neutral furniture, window treatments, and accessories to finish out the look.

Window treatments provide a striking swath of colour and create a focal point for your room. Mount curtain panels on the wall, near the ceiling, with the bottoms brushing the floor for a dramatic, colourful look. Experiment with different patterns, colour combinations and treatment styles to find which style works best with your windows.

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